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XP 3-Piece Colored Ball

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BIGYARD XP 3PC Premium Golf Ball 1DZ 

3-piece Multi-layer, Soft Feel, Tour Golf Balls -  Outstanding performance

Perfomance test results are available on home page listed under our products.

These are outstanding Golf balls at a discounted price.

* Model: XP 3-piece, soft feel golf ball with 332 dimple pattern, HPC and Urethane blend outer cover and HPF Golf Ball Core and Mantle. Giving great performance Tee to Green.

BIGYARD XP 3-piece Pro performance golf balls with Urethane cover for soft feel, spin and control.  
* Manufacturer: Nexen Corporation Golf Division Korea.
* Brand new-factory packaging

BIGYARD XP, Ball numbers 1,3,5,7

Outer Cover:
Blend of Urethane and DuPont™ HPC Golf Ball Cover Resins enhancing long-term performance with advanced golf ball cover technology. HPC Golf Ball Cover Resin is used now for high-performance golf ball covers and can be blended say with Urethane to enhance performance and feel.

Inner Cores: 
DuPont™ HPF Golf Ball Core and Mantle Resins, Enabling new ball designs and performance with multi-layer thermoplastic golf ball core and mantle technologies.

This is Transforming the Design and Technology of the Golf Ball Core & Mantle.

* Designed for low handicapped golfer demanding accuracy.

The inner cover of HPF absorbs the impact energy of the driver and transfers this energy to the core without loss. This transferred energy results in low spin performance and outstanding distance off the tee and the urethane blended outer cover of HPC provides optimal accuracy and soft feel into and around the green.

* Designed for low handicapped golfer demanding accuracy and a premium golf ball
* Dynamic high spin and soft feel around the green
* Outstanding distance off the tee
* Increased aerodynamic efficiency and in flight stability with 332 icosahedral dimple

* Core High resilient rubber
* Inner Cover HPF cover for spin and distance.
* Outer Cover Urethane blended HPC cover for spin and control.
* Dimple pattern High coverage 332 icosahedral design.

Conforms to U.S.G.A and R&A Rules
Buy BIGYARD Tour Golf Balls with confidence - Premium Golf Balls, thousands of customers can’t be wrong! 


NEXEN Corporation Golf Division has been manufacturing golf balls for 30 years.

Each box contains 1 dozen golf balls. The golf balls are packaged in 4 sleeves containing 3 golf balls in each sleeve.

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  • Model: XPC

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