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EXTRA SOFT 2-Piece Colored

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SAINTNINE EXTRA SOFT 2-Piece Coloured Golf Balls 1DZ

2-piece WHITE Golf Ball - Better Performance for every Golfer

This SENSATIONAL New product has just arrived. BEST PRICED  Extra Soft Golf Ball in NZ Guaranteed. Suit all Golfers

The SAINTNINE Extra Soft 2-piece golf ball provides optimal distance,spin and control to achieve better performance for every golfer. 

* Manufacturer: Nexen Corporation Golf Division Korea.

* Model: SAINTNINE EXTRA SOFT 2-Piece Golf Ball. 

* Dimple Pattern: 350 design for more direction control and flight stability.

* Brand new-factory packaging 

* 1 dozen balls per box

* Colors: Yellow,Orange,Red,Green - Beautiful color combination for better visibility.

* Minimized spin for longer distance.

* Soft inner elastic cover for an improved feel and flight performance.

* 350 dimples for more direction control and flight stability

Conforms to U.S.G.A and R&A Rules  

Buy our Tour Golf Balls with confidence, over 6,000 positive feedback's can’t be wrong! 

Check customer reviews on our Trade Me feedback page.

Each box contains 1 dozen golf balls. The golf balls are packaged in 4 sleeve boxes containing 3 golf balls in each sleeve.

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  • Model: EXSOFTC

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