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Santnine Q Soft Tour Ball





New 2017/18 Saintnine Q Soft now in stock.

Saintnine Q Soft 3-piece (Coloured) Premium Golf Ball - Senational Performance Vs Titeist Pro V1.

If confidence leads you to be the winner! Saintnine Q Soft is the ball for you.

The Sensational New 2017/18 Saintnine Q Soft 3-piece, high performance, Premium Golf Ball - coloured. 

Independent test results Vs PRO V1 are available on home page listed under our products.

There is no need to mark your ball when you play with Saintnine Q Soft, as each ball has a unique ball marking. See box picture showing unique characters. 


1. Saintnine Q delivers tremendous distance by applying its high resilient Nd-Br core and HPF middle cover energy.

2. Especially with driver shots, minimizing back-spin rate results in longer distance.

3. 332 dimple pattern enables golfers to retain consistent direction of the ball and stability in flight.

4. Thin and soft cover of the 3-piece Saintnine Q Soft, optimizes best control and great feel.

5. Optimal 3-piece golf ball for controlled shots for short game.


1. Core: High resilient Nd-Br core delivers further distance.

2. Inner cover: tin and softest inner cover minimizes side spin that prevents slice or hook and optimizes flight stability and direct of the ball.

3. Outer cover: 332-dimple pattern gives you higher ball trajectory easily and stability in flight combined with soft cover

Independent test results against other leading brands, confirms the Saintnine Q 3-piece performance is one of the best.

The model SAINTNINE Q Soft is appropriate for you if you can coped well with the following golf ball: - Titleist Pro V1

Buy Saintnine Q Soft (Coloured) Tour Golf Balls with confidence. 

Each box contains 1 dozen golf balls. The golf balls are packaged in 4 sleeve boxes containing 3 golf balls in each sleeve.

Attention Customers! 

  • Free shipping only applies to New Zealand customers. (We also ship to Australia - charge is $18.00 per dozen golf balls. For other countries please refer to our global distributor's page for a supplier near you)

  • Model: Saint Q Soft 2017

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